Outdoor Smart Plug connectivity issue with Ring Bridge

I have a Ring Bridge with a great WiFi connection and a Smart Outdoor Plug. I am trying to use my Smart Outdoor Plug about 225 feet from my bridge (outside) and it is connected to my WiFi outside that is provided via a powerline adapter (using ethernet over powerline and converting it to a WiFi signal). However, the connection is not reliable. Interesting, I have an outdoor Ring camera that is the same distance from the Bridge and using that same WiFi connection with no issues.

So, how can I tell if the Smart Outdoor Plug is having an issue connecting to WiFi provided from the powerline adapter OR if it is having an issue connecting to the Bridge due to distance (even though Ring says this distance should be fine)? Are there diagnostic tools I can use?


Hi @user11467. Can you share a screenshot of where in the Ring app you’re seeing that the connection to the Outdoor Smart Plug is unreliable? Or are you seeing any specific behaviors to indicate that the connection is unreliable? I’d be happy to check with my team once I have some more information.

I was able to move my bridge much closer to the smart outdoor plug and then the plug was able to connect reliably for 24 hours — the bridge went offline for no reason (camera right near bridge stayed online with no issues).

Hi @user11467. The Ring Bridge does not use WiFi to connect to your Smart Outdoor Plug and other Smart Lights. Only the Bridge itself is connected to WiFi, similar to how your Cameras are connected to WiFi. The Ring Bridge has a proprietary wireless connection it uses to communicate with your Smart Lights.

It seems like you will need to find a spot where your Ring Bridge has a good WiFi connection and you Smart Lights will have a good connection to your Bridge. Be sure to place the Bridge out in the open, away from other wireless devices, as they can be causing interference. I hope this helps.