Outdoor gate sensor

Because you never know if someone will access your back gate . You have outdoor motion sensors and lights etc .so to make it better would be a outdoor gate sensor .


This would be so useful. I’ve got gates on either side of the house and would love to add sensors to them so A) I know if one of my kids has opened the gate to maybe live B) I know if someone has entered the yard that may be have no business being there while my kids are playing C) if someone is going to break into my house, their best point of entry would be to enter the back yard and breakout a basement window and this would trigger a notification and potentially stop that.

I want a gate sensor for a different reason… I want to know if the gate has been left open so that my dog doesn’t escape. This should be a “contact type” sensor - that is, one like used on doors and windows, but suitable for outdoor use.

It only needs to notify me. Obviously a motion sensor will not help here. The gate sensor could also be used as a better “Mailbox alarm” as the current “Mailbox Alarm” is just a motion sensor mounted in the mailbox. It won’t really help you know if the mailbox is open, only that there was motion (to open or close) it.

Hey neighbors, the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor is now available for pre-order! Please check out this Ring Community announcement to learn more, and comment on the post to share how you plan to use your’s. Thank you for your feedback and interest in this new device!