Outdoor Cam Motion Notification/recording: DISABLE on Exit Delay

With an outdoor cam linked to an Alarm Base Station, setting to “Away” mode with an exit delay triggers motion detection and recording on the camera.

In the settings for “Base Station” > “Linked Devices” > “Entry Delay”, we have the option to enable or disable record events, but do not have the same option for “Exit Delay”. This is illogical:

An intruder would not have the ability to activate any mode on my system during Exit Delay. It is also highly unlikely that I would want to record myself walking away during an exit delay of any duration, and I do not need my or anyone else’s mobile devices to notify me/them when I leave my own house. This does, however, make sense in certain situations (physical security of being attacked on exit).

Entry delay motion detection and recording DOES make sense; If an intruder triggered the alarm in Away or Home modes, cameras should activate in this scenario.

Disabling motion and record events on exit delay should be an option. I honestly see very little reason as to why someone would need to record an exit delay. Both “Entry” and “Exit” delay should be included here as options under the same tree (“Base Station” > “Linked Devices”).