Does anyone know when the outage issue is likely to be resolved?

@Codarmy wrote:
Does anyone know when the outage issue is likely to be resolved?

Hello @Codarmy from ‘across the pond’ in the USA ,

I didn’t realize that it affected you guys over there in the UK, like it has here in North America.

Occasionally, someone calls into Ring Support here, and although some of us are fully restored, many others are not, or only partially.

Here’s one of the many posts threads:



@Boone: From the middle of our “left-coast pond”, Mahalo for what you do.

@Codarmy: If you scroll down this page and click on “System Status” (under “Support”), you can get the latest on the current outage issue. It looks as though they’ve identified the problem and are in the process of resolving it.


Hi @hi808 ,

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Just to clarify, in the UK there seems to be an issue at the moment specific to the ring alarm hub, motion and contact sensors not triggering Alexa routines. Amazon have been made aware. This issue seems to have coinsided with the outage. however the routines have not worked for about 3 days in my case.

in the alexa app you can see the motion/contact sensor and see it changing with the device status but the routines are not then firing. That is as far as i have been able to trace it. So not sure if it is a Ring issue or an Alexa issue. However it does seem to only be affecting the Ring Alram Hub devices. Everything else is working normally, inlcuding other motion sensors I have connected through smart things, and IFFT.

Ironically Ring devices with direct wifi connection ie. not through the alarm hub are still working. So doorbell notifications and camera motion events are still triggering Alex routines.

This would be great to get fixed as i know more than a few less abled people who have come to rely on them.

Hello @RCB78 ,

Ring in North America is just about fully recovered from the Amazon Web Services Internet outage that took out so many companies on the web during their outage. Seems like the UK still has the much further to go towards recovery (link below). Hopefully soon you’ll be fully operational. :slight_smile:


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Hi Boone,

It just came back to life here in the UK too! I am guessing we must route through the some of the same servers? Anyway, happy bunny that its all working again :slight_smile: Awesome products :slight_smile:

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