Original Pathlights set-up & bridge &/or extender

Kind of a 2 part question:

  1. When we bought our Ring system a few years ago, we bought pathlights but never took them out of the boxes. We are now in the process of doing so so we can set them up. We also bought an Extender & have been using that to extend our range to reach the garage. When we bought the pathway lights, I don’t recall anything about needing a bridge. But the new lights says they recommend buying a bridge. Now I wondering if we need one. But our bridge is inside the house on the outside wall close to where the majority of the lights reside)
  2. If we don’t need a bridge, why am I having difficulty getting the Ring app (or thru a browser) to set those lights up? When I scan the QR code, it sort of shoots me back to the main menu.)
    FYI: The lights come on when motion is detected in front of them. So I know the lights themselves work.


Hi @LRob. You need a Ring Bridge in order to set up the Pathlights in the Ring app for smart controls. Without the Ring Bridge, the Pathlights will still function and turn on when motion is detected, but you cannot add them to the Ring app for more controls. Do you already have a Ring Bridge set up under your Ring account at this location? If you do, go to Set Up a Device in the Ring app and tap Smart Lighting and follow the prompts. Try the setup process without scanning the QR code, as there should be an option to continue the setup without scanning.

I have a Range Extender but not a bridge. :frowning: We bought an Extender when we bought the whole system. Guess I need to buy a bridge? I wasn’t sure if the Extender would do the same as the bridge. But I suppose not?

Hi @LRob. Correct. A Range Extender and the Ring Bridge are 2 completely different devices that have different functions.