Ordering Ring from amazon - but not everything

Being and amazon prime member, and since ring is owned by amazon, I bought all my ring stuff on amazon. But like many people, I found the ring sensor magnets to be too large for my windows. So I was looking around on amazon for smaller magnets. Fortunately, before I ordered some I wandered over to the ring site. There you can by small ring magnets, which I did and which work great - they are really small. Anyway, my point is, I am surprised that there are things for sale on the ring site that are not on amazon. Makes no sense, and I bet a lot of people have no clue as to the availability of those items. I would think there would be a complete ring store on amazon. Most odd.

I agree.

I use those smaller magnets also.

They sell them as “Slimmer” magnets, but they are overall waaaaay smaller than the magnets that come with the Sensor.

Ring is suppossed to be releasing a smaller version of both the Sensor & magnet - which IMHO is way overdue ! ! !

I also think that the “range” of the Contact Sensors & all of the other components should be increased from 250 feet to 1,000 feet.

With the smaller magnet, the size of the sensor is just fine with me. Easy to open, nice standard battery, I like the light. The magnet was the problem for me. It would not fit on my slim frames. But the larger magnet does “look” better when matched up with the sensor. Seems silly to sell them separately, Ring should just include both magnets with the sensor. Or at least sell them on Amazon . . . the point of my first post.

On Amazon, they dropped prices quite a bit on Amazon Prime Day.

That’s when I got my Doorbell Pro, and they threw in a free Echo Dot which I didn’t need since I already had one.

(Edit: I plan to give the new Echo Dot to a friend who has never had a device like that)

You’re fortunate. I also ordered my Pro on Prime day with the Echo. they were sold out so I received my order in August when restocked. There was no Echo dot with the order. When I questioned this, the response was that it wasn’t included at that time???

Shipping from Ring seems to take ages than from Amazon as well, so I will be sticking to ordering from Amazon from now on.