Ordered on NZ website. "Sent for fulfillment" for three days. No customer service?

I ordered a three pack of cameras from the Ring NZ website. It says they have been “Sent for fulfillment” for three days (two business) now while delivery lead time is five business days. I’ve used the little chat bubble at the bottom of the screen, which leads me here with no option to speak to a real person.

And now I’m doubting that these cameras are even sent from inside NZ. Which would be a problem if so.

How do I get hold of customer support regarding my order?

Hi, @Muppsy ! Jealous you’re in NZ… I took a vacation there in December. Been dreaming about it since. My favorite place was Wanaka…and Christchurch…and Dunedin… and all the above LOL :laughing:

I’ll take a look into this for you. Mind telling me what you ordered? May I try to locate your order using the email address associated with your Community account? Thank you!

Hi Jennifer. Glad you enjoyed yourself here. Wanaka is lovely. At least you got to enjoy it before all this went down. It’s going to be a while before people are allowed to visit.

I ordered 3x Ring Spotlight Battery Solar. Yes use this address if you like, but I ended up finding the NZ phone number and calling that. I’m told that they “should” be fulfilled from New Zealand warehouse and the hold up is likely due to Covid-19. However all restrictions in NZ are lifted. I didn’t really get anything definative about what the issue is.

Still, interesting times so I’m being patient. It’s just that we’ve had some suspicious behaviour around our property lately and I likely would have bought local had I known it would take this long to even ship. Today is the fifth working day the order has been sitting in “Sent to Fulfillment”.

Anything you can add would be appreciated.

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I should have stayed while I had the chance!!

Awesome. I’ll do some digging and see what I can find out for you. I really appreciate your pateince and welcome to the Ring community! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know I have reached out to a team member to try and look into this for you @Muppsy. I haven’t heard back yet, but will certainly let you know when I do. Can you please let me know if you receive any updates on your end? Thank you!

Thanks Jennifer. Nothing yet. We are now 9days with the order not budging and no contact from ring. Not really acceptable communication even if there is legitimate delay.

I’m in need of these cameras this week. As of tomorrow, I will have passed the ten day window to contact my credit card company to issue a charge back on a non responsive company.

Not your fault. But I can litterally walk into a store and buy cameras now. Hard to argue that not even getting a notification about what’s going on nine days after order is not good customer experience.

Hi @Muppsy. Chiming in for Jennifer here! Do you mind if I reach out to your from the email address you have set up on your Community account? We were able to get a word back from our shipping department, and I can follow up with you accordingly via email if that’s ok. In addition, thank you for your feedback here. I will make sure this gets passed onto the appropriate teams, as it is important we have better communication with our neighbors that may find themselves in a similar situation as yourself! This isn’t the experience we want our neighbors to have, so I’m happy to clear it up over email. Let me know! :slight_smile:

@Chelsea_Ring yes that is fine to use my email address. I had an email from someone last night to tell me that the devices are out of stock and gave me a date for when they are back. I replied asking if the devices are shipped from within NZ or from overseas so I know how much of a delay I am looking at once they are in stock, but no reply yet. Had I known there was this sort of delay, I would have just gone to a local store and walked out with what I need.

Key issues for me on the experience in buying direct from Ring (at least from NZ):

  1. Nothing alluding to stock issues at time of purchase or afterwards. The order just sits there. I’m sure this isn’t simple if you are dealing with stock levels in multiple countries. But there is something missing there when people’s decision to purchase security equipment is often reactionary to recent events that have occurred and want to get their devices quickly.

  2. No order confirmation email at all. Even in spam folders. Not a massive deal, but coupled with the order not moving in my account, it did make me wonder if there was a technical issue with the order and that was why it wasn’t moving.

  3. No one seems to know where fulfillment occurs from with overseas orders. It’s a pretty big point to clarify as the difference between something shipped locally vs shipped from overseas can be measured in weeks. Especially given current environment. This could be solved with simply adding a line to products and the cart to say “Shipped from New Zealand” (or customer’s country). Regardless of stock levels.

Just comms issues. My interactions with your team so far has been great. They’re doing their best. It just seems even they are missing much of this information themselves.

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@Muppsy Thank you so much and I will be sending you an email follow up shortly. Your feedback here is tremendously helpful as well, and I will make sure to pass this information onto the appropriate people. I know that these are uncertain times for a lot of people, so I appreciate you being understanding of how things have happened thus far. Thank you, neighbor! :slight_smile: