Order Processing

I realize this is a support forum, however, I’d like a phone number or email that doesn’t take me to the Philippines. I placed an order at 10:19pm CST, after selecting everything, i got a confirmation with an old address I have never used with Ring. I checked how to cancel on-line, it said call in within 50 minutes. I called at 10:22pm CST, was on hold 33 minutes, until I got an agent. I asked her how to cancel the order, she went into some Amazon system and have me verify with my Amazon account, then she could see the order, with an address Amazon had previously on file. I asked to cancel the order she put me on-hold came back and said her supervisor said USPS will send to my new address if I forwarded. I explained that it was a long time ago, and they would likely not forward. I was put on hold again, and she said her supervisor said to refuse the package. I said I can’t do that if I’m not there, and asked to speak to her supervisor. She said he’d (Jackson) have to call me back. I asked how long she said 5 minutes, it’s no 38 minutes, on the phone 42 minutes since order. He called me back in 10 minutes 52 minutes after placing the order and said i only have 50 minutes and he can’t help me. I went off and asked for his supervisor and he said they have no managers and no one can help me.

I’d like to see it resolved in the Ring Community, and a phone and or email with someone who can fix it. Obviously I have documentation and will dispute with my CC, but, IMHO, this is something Ring can fix. But, it needs to start with an escalation to US based customer service, when Philippines can’t help.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @JAWZ. Our support team are trained to be solution driven and always helpful to our neighbors. As it sounds like this was not the case, we will certainly share this feedback with our teams to ensure all support team members are delivering the experience we intend. The Ring Community is a neighbor to neighbor help forum, where neighbors can interact, share ideas, and offer assistance in a positive environment. While there are Community team members and moderators of the forum, there are not support agents. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, and as this is a public forum, any account/ order related inquiries are best handled with support by phone.

To continue this request best, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.


The link you gave me is the same phone number I called that took me to the philippines, and the hold time is over 25 minutes. As I said, I’d like to escalate, and I’m looking for that directory and I can’t find it. It’s silly for me to call the same group that said they can’t help me.



Hi @JAWZ, happy to chime in here. The link Marley shared is the point of contact for our support team. Any requests to escalate any type support concern would need to be handled with them directly, as this forum is not a direct line to support and we do not have any other phone numbers to provide. I hope this clears things up.