Order incomplete

Just received order and only got half of it. No other tracking number, shows complete and no idea where it’s at. And the entire purpose of going through manufacture “ring” was to avoid this hoping I would get better customer service. Boy was I wrong.

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In your Order History, click on the Invoice for your order. In the upper right should list the items and in small print are shipping dates for items. At least they were when I’ve ordered and things weren’t coming all at the same time.

Hi @Wackerli. As @SolarEclipse, I would definitely recommend checking to ensure things aren’t being shipped separately. Additionally you can always reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here to have them check on the status of your order. :slight_smile:

I have checked on additional tracking numbers but only the one. I also contacted customer support and they said it should have been in there. But now they are “escalating it” but still have nothing confirmed. I’m supposed to hear in 72 hours from when I talked to them so I guess we’ll see. But very frustrating.

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