Order delays


I was just wondering how the shipping time on the website aligns with the current things.

I made two orders on June 12 and one of my orders is in transit now.

However, the second order status is “Sent to fulfilment”. It has been almost two weeks since and nothing.

The website says that it normally takes 5 business days to get it delivered in Canada. I understand all the things going on, but hey, I paid the money expecting my order to arrive shortly after.

Email contact? Forget it, I get automated messages that emails are not being answered to and the only way to speak to someone is to call.

You guys better not to promise to get the orders shipped within 5 business days - you could not even get the order ready for pick up for 5 business days.


It is not how I expected to use you services (and pay for them apparently).

Due to Covid-19 things are not anywhere as fast as the used to be. So everything takes longer. That said, you can look at this page to explain how the customer service is working now with Covid-19 protocols.

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