Order Delays

Hi All,
anyone facing an issue with his/her order being delayed. i have placed an order on 21st Oct, non of the times i selected were highlighted as out of stock and till date i havent received the order and the only explanation is that all the items i ordered are out of stock!.
while the money has been deducted from my account, the support team can’t even give an estimate on when it will be delivered.

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Hi @Afif.chamass. I do understand your frustration at not receiving your order yet. However, the Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, so our team here can’t access billing or order information. I recommend following up with our support team and letting them know you have not been able to get an update on your order yet.

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Same situation here. It’s super frustrating. Obviously nothing I can do other than let you know you aren’t alone. Reading posts on this community… seems like a very common issue with Ring.com orders.

Let me know if you find a way to get any clarity from support and who you connect with. From my experience talking through chat and phone, no one can actually provide clarity. But if you find someone, I’d love to know how you got answers as I’ve had no luck with support so far.

Hi, i honestly canceled my order and got a refund and then bought it through Amazon. but the problem now is that even on Amazon you can and add additional components to the cart, once you check out it mentioned that you reached the max limit of allowed number of item purchased!!!
i can’t even get a battery for my door bell !!!
Also, i would recommend if you can, cancel and buy another system. i am struggling with my window sensors as it seems the Z-wave range is not that great even with an extender.

Hi @Afif.chamass. There is an official Ring store on Amazon, so neighbors can purchase Ring devices from Amazon if that works better for them. Any purchase or cart limits would be on Amazon’s side, so you may need to contact their support if you have any problems with your purchase there.

As for your Ring Alarm system, Ring Alarm components use Z-Wave which has a farther effective range than wifi. However, different things can still cause interference and weaken that signal. This includes different objects in your home, as well as different building materials. I’d recommend reviewing this Help Center article for more information. If you still have questions, we have a Ring Alarm board where you may be able to find answers.

what system do you suggest other than ring?