Orange Subscription Warning Banner - Basic Plan - please stop goading your users to upgrade

Hello Ring Team - I subscribed to the basic plan last week, due to the multi-device plan being more than 2x the Basic plan for one device. My only other camera is in the garage.

There is now an unremovable, unclearable orange banner on my phone telling me videos are not being saved. The front door videos are being saved just fine. Tech support tells me this banner will be there so long as I remain on a basic plan and have a second unsupported camera.

Ring team - put yourself in my shoes - this is either terrible programming logic, or you’re intentionally goading your customers with this space-waster to force them (via irritation) to pay more than 2x more for recording on their second device. We need a way to clear this banner please! On a Apple 6s it takes up WAY to much real estate on the screen.

I agree, seems the subscription side does not talk to the app. I have subscribed but annoying banner remains, it is an eyesore! PLEASE REMOVE!