Optional passcode lock (alarm arm/disarm via app)

For those who may not always lock their phones, RING APP should have optional passcode lock for alarm ARM/DISARM function. In case somebody steals/finds/accesses unlocked phone, they would still require a passcode to disarm the alarm. Say I’m out running and somebody breaks into my car, steals my unlocked phone, that individual can also disarm my alarm via the app. To prevent this, an option to add a passcode (can be the same as usual entry code, or another) to change alarm mode.


Yes, the app needs to have an user option to require a pin/passcode/finger print/face rec. to disarm.

Bumping up this thread- hoping to get more support of this idea from Ring and Ring community!

I couldn’t agree more. It didn’t really hit me until I just opted for a new door lock specifically to integrate with Ring. Its great that you can integrate the lock, but now someone with access to the ring app can disarm the alarm and unlock the door. I know there are always ways to get around things and nothing is completely secure outside of nailing your door shut (and even that has issues) but offering an option for a separate passcode to open the app is a rather obvious thing in the realm of security. What worries me know is this is the flaw I caught… what about the flaws I haven’t caught. The lack of a basic app lock option concerns me that maybe security isn’t a top priority.