Option to turn off Ring Alarm Motion Sensors

When disarm is set, the motion sensor still are active and send me notifications. This is silly. If the system is set to disarm that means I want everything disarmed. I don’t want to constantly turn on/off notifications alerts as I might forget to turn it back on and then whats the point of having a security system. It is shocking to me that the company has not allowed for this!

Since the motion sensors are wireless and they use a frequency, it would be nice when the system is unarmed that the motion sensors shut off and stop detecting motion, or at least give us the option to turn them off. This would help save the battery as well as reduce the radiation. Every wireless peice of equipment gives off radiation. Why have something give off constant radiation in your home when it’s not needed or being used? Even though it may be a small amount, every little bit adds up. With your wifi signal, wireless tvs, echos, Alexis, alarms, wireless garage door openers, etc… all this wireless stuff adds up to a lot off radiation. It would be great and healthy for us to have the ability to turn this stuff off when its not in use. Thank you.

Despite being in disarm mode, the ring alarm motion and contact sensors are still active. It would be good if the disarm feature meant the sensors were off. For me there is no purpose to keeping these active, since you are not interested in the system working and presumably all this does is drain their batteries.

Please add a feature to turn off motion detection and logging when alarm is in disarmed mode.

Allow the Ring Alarm Motion Detector to be COMPLETELY turned off when in Disarmed Mode. By this I mean “Shut Down” - so that they no longer even try to detect motion at all, (and thus save battery use and needless History entries).

Also - My wife doesn’t like the idea of being monitored in her own den/living room 24/7 - even when the Alarm System is “Disarmed”.

I know that the Motion Detectors can be set to be “ignored” in the Away and Home Modes - but see no way that in the Disarmed Mode they can be “Shut Down”.

And yes, I also know that they will not report, notify, et al ==> but again - if, in the APP - you go to HISTORY ==> ALARM - Motion events are still being captured even in the Disabled Mode. This is utilizing battery - and is annoying when reviewing events.

I like the Away, and Home Modes, and can certainly see this event history being beneficial in these modes (even if Motion events are “ignored” - but firmly believe that Disarmed should really be disarmed.