Option to disable sensor event logging

Please address a major privacy concern in Ring alarm.

In addition to allowing notification disable, also allow the user to disable event logging on a per sensor basis. Having logs of my movements throughout my home is in my opinion a major privacy issue.

Related, also provide a way to clear the sensor event logs.

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Hi neighbor - can you please give more information on this? Do you have Modes enabled?

I second this request. I was about to post same request as the OP.

Or, better yet, ability to turn off the sensor on a specific alarm device, say, in home/disarmed mode. This would obviously remove the event logging as the sensor is turned off hence no event would be logged.

The event logs are super annoying at least (to those who don’t want it), particularly it’s logging every event of every sensor now (it drives me nuts).

And it is a security leak - as others would be able to observe the pattern of movements in the property.

This will also drastically improve battery life on the sensor - if the sensor can be turned OFF.