Option to disable motion alerts from Doorbell when leaving the house

I get tired of motion notification from my doorbell, when it’s just me leaving the house, like when I’m getting the mail, checking the weather, etc.

It would be great to have a setting for delay/disable of video/motion when a door is opened.

i.e. when “front door” status=open, then delay “doorbell” duration=“30 sec”

Obviously you’d have to make sure is a logical-timing thing, so it doesn’t do it in reverse or always.


That is genius! I always thought this would be a great feature but could never figure out how it could be easily implemented. Using a door opening to trigger a temporary motion snooze would be awesome. The only potential issue I can think of would be the delay. Sense the doorbell sits right next to the door there would have to be very little to no delay to pull this off. It’s a feature that is greatly needed.

Are there settings within the Peephole cam to ignore motion when the door is opened or closed? I don’t need to know when any of my family members leave by the door. I’m getting a lot of notifications that I don’t need.

I have a request concerning the motion detection of the Door View (and potentially others)

Whenever the door is opened when anyone is leaving the house the Door View detects motion, this is somewhat annoying in our household.

So I was wondering how easy it would be to have a “Ignore Door Opening” configuration as I would guess that when the door is opening the entire picture the camera is seeing changes instead of just parts of the picture when something moves in the monitored area so that could be used to work out if the camera is moving. I have also read suggestions that it has an accelerometer for the knock detection so that could also be utilised. Aside from the Door View I have seem many people also placing other models on their doors so I guess they could benefit from this change too.

Hi, I have a suggestion.

Currently, the doorbell doesn’t detect motion alerts when the door is opened from the inside and no one is outside. This is perfectly how it is meant to be.

What doesn’t make sense though, is that when we then leave the house, after having no motion alerts outside previously, our motion then sets off the motion alert. We are being warned about ourselves.

Surely the motion tracking should be temporarily disabled if the doorbell detects the door opening (which I know it can do as the motion didn’t go off) so please think about adding that feature.

It can just be an optional feature like “suspend motion alerts for 20 seconds when you open your door to leave your house” but something shorter and snappier than that obviously.

I don’t want alerts every time I leave my own house warning me about myself.

I know you can do motion snoozes and modes etc but both of those require me to do something when leaving the house, it would take more time than just letting the alert go off.

I was hoping that there would be a feature that would allow for a camera to delay motion detection when a door sensor was tripped.

For example, when someone exits out my carport door, I always have to receive the alert that motion has been detected on the carport. It would be nice for it to know that it doesn’t need to report this since we would already know someone has went out the door.

Then again, maybe it’s a good thing it’s recording in case someone was waiting outside for someone to come out :thinking:
Maybe if it still recorded the event, but didn’t notify?