Option to disable blue light

I really don’t need my son being reminded by the blue light, that his mum is watching him raid the fridge. I’m fed up of him putting a tea towel over the camera :weary::rofl:

Please give us an option to turn off the blue lights!!!

Three years later and still no option to remove the light.


This option to disable the blue light is needed. We live in a small condo inside a gated community. As we are also located somewhat near to a back entrance with a car gate that is easy for people to walk by we have dealt with stolen packages, car vandals and a few broken windows. Due to the nature of this place we can’t have cameras mounted outside, but we can have them inside facing out our windows. Many of us already do this and I’m working with the neighbors across from us to monitor things as they have had a break in before, a sort of scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. So we are monitoring each other catching the blind spots we can’t see ourselves.

But that darn blue light coming on adds such a glare due to it’s placement by the window it obscures most of the view. It’s completely freaking ridiculous. Yes lets not only alert potential intruders that they are being recorded but also make the view show nothing but a blue glare. That makes SO much sense! So here I am trying to find some kind of tape that the light don’t bleed through when it could be a simple option on the camera to start with.

Plus the other cams we have inside, yes lets have that blue light give away where the cam is at instead of being discreet in hope of catching important things like theft and maybe a face reveal. But instead lets show them where the cam is so they know to mask themselves and go for it to smash or steal themselves so they can get away with doing more.

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How in the world does COVERING THE WHOLE CAMERA help the issue of the blue light coming on alerting the world that they are being recorded? The point of a camera is to be hidden and capture things like theft happening and a hopeful face reveal . Plus to keep them there until cops come. By alerting them that HEY YOUR BEING RECORDED thanks to that darn blue light they not only know it, can mask themselves further, unhook or break the cam, or flee and never get caught.

Plus we have ours facing a window as we can’t have outdoor cameras due to living in a condo, they wont allow it. But they allow indoor ones, but the blue light glares back reflecting off the glass. No one here is asking for a cover that covers the whole camera, we want the BLUE LIGHT to be turned off!


Disappointed that this feature has not risen to rings attention this is a simple fix that requires very little software change to correct and years later we have nothing

I am appalled that you can’t turn the blue light off within the software. I purchased 8 of the Ring indoor cameras and after learning today there is no option to turn off the blue light, I will be ruturning ALL to Amazon and going with Wyze. The fact that customers have suffered from this issue for 2+ years within this thread and ZERO action from Ring tells me everything I need to know about this company.


I did not even know there was a ring community. I Purchased the doorbell and got the indoor cam with it. My girlfriends mom lives with us. She constantly lies and has stolen from me a couple times. I put the camera in my living room overlooking it. It also covers the dining room where she’s sleeping on a couch. I don’t want her to know about the camera so I can catch her in the act with proof. I was looking up how to turn off that stupid blue light and found this. They really need the option to turn off the indicator light.


I wonder if the ring team even looks at these messages!
People have asked for option to disable the blue LED light on security cameras, especially indoor, as this is too bright and annoying. This is a feature which is commonly available on almost all security camera software’s except ring. I request the software team to work on this and update as soon as possible. I notice this has been discussed over the last several years without no action from the ring team.


Not providing an option to turn off blue light is unacceptable. Let the user decide and stop trying to dictate behavior. You advertise your camera as a security camera and yet you insist on broadcasting the fact that it is recording. That makes no sense at all and will only continue to infuriate customers who like me will look for other alternatives.


HI Guys, has any action been taken on this please.

I hate letting intruders know that they are being watched, it gives them a target to disable it.




Allow the blue LED status light to be turned off in the app

YES! Please please please make the option for the stick up cameras.

Picture this. You have a complete Home Ring Cam set up. As parents who deserve a night off from the kids, you leave your baby and toddler with a new nanny. You have to trust her, yet you feel a bit safer with your Ring security setup. After all, Youtube has provided you with awful nanny videos where they seem like nice people but they suddenly shake the baby or mistreat a child. You are traumatized by this and yet for your mental health you take a night off and as soon as you decide to check in and do a live watch: blue light immediately alerts the nanny who seems to immediately stare at the blue light, literally like a frozen rabbit onto headlights. this goes on for a minute oerhaps, it feels like an hour, its like a mexican stand-off in a western film. You know she knows you are watching her at this moment. This even makes you feel a bit wrong, like you should not be watching or spying on a person, yet you are only making sure your kids are all right. Her behavior is now affected by this. she seems to move like a robot staring a few times back and forth into the camera. The baby cries, she picks him up, goes into the next room. Aha! a you have a camera setup there as well. She is calming the baby now and it seems in a very appropriate manner. An yet, you are tripping balls! “What if she is now watching for the blue light and behaving as expected because she knows, or what if she is now figuring new angles where she might not be seen scolding or mistreating your children”. The result. Kids were totally fine upon your return, but the precarious and over worried parents had a short and uncomfortable evening out. Point is: RING it is more probable that a person, nanny, intruder, thief, or any ill-intented human being will change its behavior, be warned by the light and avoid being caught in whatever act they might commit. It is more of a giveaway than a deterrent. Ring give us an option tu turn or disable blue light from live view on ring cameras.


Guess I’m returning the 4 cameras I just bought. Wish I knew this was a problem before drilling holes in my ceiling. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Every other manufacturer of camera I own (four) I can disable the light.
As for privacy concerns, if burglars want privacy, I am quite happy for them to stay away from my property, then they can have as much privacy as they want.

This thread has been here since 2020?!?!!?


get it together! It is 2023, and this has not been addressed yet. UGH!

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@admin: How many more votes are needed before a change is made? Enquiring minds want to know how these Feature Requests are considered and what it takes to get Ring to adopt these really simple changes?

I agree can they please do this it should be nothing more than some type of update in the app that you can turn it off everyone these days has a ring doorbell and knows how they work and I’ve had the same problem with strangers solicitors coming up to my doorbell and me thinking I was privately watching the situation and they know and they are aware that I’m watching and start talking and saying things if anything I feel like this is a privacy issue on the consumers part to be honest, I’m gonna start looking into other cameras that don’t do this. There are so many options out there. It would be nice if you gave your customers the same amount of options, that other camera companies offer .

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