Option to disable blue light

Why would you have indoor cameras at an AirBnB especially one that someone can’t tell if you are looking at it or not? That’s kind of creepy dude, and I’m almost positive that is against their rules.

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I agree there needs to be an option to turn off the blue LED light. I got a Ring Stickup HD to replace my Blink camera XT2 that was outside on the front door of my house, because started to have some issues.
The blink cameras offers the option to turn off the blue LED. If Blink can do it, I am sure Ring can do it too. Both are owned by Amazon. Putting a piece to electrical tape or a sticker to cover is not an option for me.

Has this been fixed yet? It’s a pain!

Please rung, fix it.

Was going to ask the same thing but it appears 64 people have asked this over the past 2 years and RING have chisen to ignore their customers. Well they may lose my custom when i return my 2 indoor cams

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Essential? No. As you said, it’s a security camera. I’m amazed you think a security camera should have a glowing light screaming “Here I am, Here I am!” Not many trained security folks gonna think that’s a good idea.

The comment reads as if there is fear of privacy invasion. Sorta counter intuative to the intent of a security camera. I suppose if one was running a house with unknowns folks coming and going I could see a problem, but most have actual conversations with their families / roommates. Most commercial buildings simply post a notice in the buildings, so there’s that too.

More importantly, if someone is creepy enough to intentionally violate somebodies privacy that piece of tape you mentioned seems like a pretty obvious answer for said creep. Why 90% of us have to screw w/tape over the fears of the few doesn’t make a lot of sense. Nor is that tape gonna stick well in the cold on an outside camera.

FWIW “Blink” allows all outside camera’s to have there blue light disabled. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for them. Ring could at the very least start there!

Adding my voice to the 60 plus users asking for the option to turn the blue light off.

I have always wanted the option to turn the blue light off ALSO…
we could have bought security cam “decoys” for next to nothing with a recording light on… and and invest $1 for a new battery 2x a year!!
But no we pay $100 a year… and have to let them know they are being recorded… Why?
… back in the day Guard-zilla understood… We had 6 of them and we paid about the same with the option to turn off the recording light!
Nothing like giving away the location and status of the cameras…

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I agree with all of you! This has been requested many times by customers for over a year now!
The i.d.i.o.t who had the stupid idea to tell the thieves when they are detected by the camera and when they’re not, should be fired!

Yes, please make this as an option to disable the blue light. I have just received my Ring camera, I was undecided if I was going to install indoors or outdoors. The problem I have with this light is that when inside and the camera is looking through the glass you see a flashing blue LED in the middle of the screen, pretty annoying but even more so that it can’t be disabled! Standard feature that i’d expect from Ring to have this as an option, please add it!

I like everyone else is waiting for a reply from Ring on when an option to turn the blue light on or off when cam is active is available. This is a must feature/option.

Why would a security product use bright led lights facing the direction of the camera? Why warn intruders they’re being recorded? As soon as I turned it on it became a problem. Seems everyone but the designers can see the flaw.

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Also option to disable blue light on Ring ChimePro

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come one Ring… it’s a 5 minutes commit into you code… we would aaaaall be happy.