Option to disable blue light

I am using the indoor ring camera as a baby camera. Every time I turn on the camera, the bright blue light wakes up my child. I would like the ability the turn off this light. Currently I am using a piece of duct tape.

We should be able to adjust weather or not the blue ring should be illuminated or not when idle. I’m on a corner lot in a high traffic area and would like as little attention brought to my door as possible. Right now it’s always bright blue and for some reason flashes in the mornings.

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I have just brought 2 stick up cams to join my other RING items which I have been very pleased with indeed hence buying more, However on the first stick up cam I have fitted up there is a really bright blue LED light on the front which turns on when ever the camera is recording or being viewed, I dont want the people who have broken into my house or jump over the back gardens & break into sheds etc know they are being recorded as they will break & steal the cams too!

Can you please provide a way to turn this light off! I know RING say it comes down to the privacy issues however I feel that once they are in or on my propery they loose those rights there & then.

Please RING give us a setting to turn this light off fast!

I agree, as well, that it should be an option. It’s your camera, you should be able to decide if the light is on or off. That being said, I love the ring system so I didn’t want to send them back. I just cut a very small square of black electrical tape, just big enough to cover the blue light without interfering with the motion sensor or infrared light. Problem solved. Blends perfectly with the black on the camera. It’ll take you a few seconds and you can move on with your day.

I covered my blue light with tape and it works perfectly. Keep in mind, however, if the room is dark, the red infrared light will be on, which will also tip someone off as to the location of the camera. Of course, you can’t cover this light as the camera will be useless in the dark without the infrared light. Just sayin’.

Just got two indoor cameras for our kitties room. The blue led lights up the entire room and scares the cats. Is there going to be a fix other than electric tape? I assume people using these cameras in nurseries have the same issue. Yikes, what a poor design.

Please implement this feature ASAP for indoor cameras.

+1 for this. Such a simple feature to add.

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PLEASE. Make it an option to turn off the blue indicator light

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I agree the blue light is a notification of its existence. An option to disable the blue light would be advisable - My camera is at a height which can be reached so it needs to be more discreet

Please don’t tell me you put these cameras in your Air BnBs rooms That’s pretty perverse and sick.

Same as everyone else - I first bought the indoor cam to monitor my 5 year old’s sleep for a week. The blue light drove him nuts. Sure I can tape it, but most modern devices have the option to disable lights. My router, my NAS, my phone…

I agree…blue light wakes people and puppies up…shame ring is continuing to ignore customers. I wonder what else they ignore us about? Is there a different brand that is more responsive to customers?

I returned my cameras for this weekend. Otherwise, I was going to replace all my cameras with Ring. Fix it.