Option to disable blue light

Please offer option to disable blue motion light, especially for indoor cams. Being discreet is paramount


looking forward how ring listen to their users . . .


PLEASE. Make it an option to turn off the blue indicator light when recording on the indoor cameras! If the camera is offline or needs attention, a notification should go to the registered users email/text.


PLEASE give an option to turn off the bright blue light on the indoor camera. I use it as a baby monitor and every time the light comes on it lights up the whole room!!! It wakes the baby all the time!!


Give us the option to turn off the blue indicator light on the stick up cams. I just bought a 3 pack and have many other ring products and this is a deal breaker. Let me know if this can not be removed so I can return these products.


This should be a must!

Thank you.

Have you thought about putting some black tape over it . I know it’s not a permanent fix but might do if they do decide to do it .

Have you thought about adding some black tape over it ? I know it’s not a permanent fix but it might be ok temporarily if they decide to do it .

Agreed, this is an easy option and should be the owner’s choice in terms of whether or not the blue light is on during recording.

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Agreed, we bought these for baby cams, I don’t need that bright blue light distracting my 3 y/o when I check to see if he’s asleep.

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The LED is there for privacy reasons, allowing it to be disabled would defeat its purpose. If they’ve designed the cameras properly with security in mind, the LED would be driven from the camera sensor’s power input, such that the LED cannot be turned off without disabling the camera.

Same boat - using as a baby camera. The goal is to NOT wake the baby.


How about using a little sticker to cover up the LED?

I ended up using a sharpie to colour some paper black then sellotaped this over the blue light and both red lights that come on when sensing motion as they also disturb my kids when we check in on them during settling for bed.

Or at least the option of muting, or reducing the glare?

This is a must have feature.

My Samsung camera allows me to turn off the light on the front of the camera.

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I run 3 Airbnb’s. The blue light can make people uncomfortable and disrupt their train of thought. It interupts mine when I see the blue light activated. Which them leads me to question why I came into the room in the first place. Lol. I was going to put tape over them. But seeing this suggestion in the works, I will wait and see.

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Please create an option to turn off the LED lights on the Indoor Cam

How can you have security when you advertise Look here MR burglar and unplug me

This crazy for a security device. Come on Ring help your customers out


We also use it for a baby monitor. We used the motion alert once in the night and the light woke her everytime she turned over.

There should be a function to turn it off. If people are alerted with the stickers included in the pack then anyone creeping around your house deserve to not know.

A simple small piece of electrical tape does the trick. Did to all cameras.