Option to disable automatic clip trimming in Advanced Motion Detection

I need the option to turn off the auto clip trimming feature in the Advanced Motion Detection feature. Vehicles stand still long enough at my front gate to stop recordings to only a few seconds in duration. If someone gets out of their vehicle the ring doorbell does not detect that and start recording again. I’ve changed motion frequency settings but that has not solved my issues. Prior to enabling Advanced Motion Detection my Ring Doorbell would record the full 2 minute duration once motion was initially detected and that 2 minutes is typically long enough to capture what is happening at my front gate. The reasoning for me enabling Advanced Motion Detection is to alleviate false positive motion events, it has done a great job at that and is capturing actual relevent motion events. I simply need the option to have Advanced Motion Detection enabled with being able to set manual clip length, rather than leaving it up to the device to decide to stop recording before the entire motion event has concluded. Thank you.

Is your motion detection frequency set to “frequently”? You can also turn off advanced motion detection and use the simple version.