Option to control alerts or notifications within Modes Settings

Drives me crazy I can’t automatically disable motion settings on certain cameras when the alarm is not set to away or home. Would love this feature to be included.

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I was so surprised that Modes was not implemented this way. I was trying for hours to make it work. My use-case is simply to disable motion alerts while at home, but still record. Please please implement.


I, too, I’m surprised that this very simple and incredibly useful feature has yet to be implemented by the ring team. Unless their systems are totally on fire this shouldn’t take more than a week or two to implement test and deploy…

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Currently in the camera mode parameters you only have the ability to set motion detection and live video.
Would It be possible to add the ability to enable and disable motion notifications. Please see suggested screenshot attached.

When I’m home I do not need the notifications on my app, I juste need that the cameras record the movements.

So this is my user story
As a Ring camera user
I want to have the ability to enable or disable the motion notification setting in the mode parameters section of the cameras.
So that I can better manage all my camera notifications by changing from on mode to another.

Acceptance criteria
In the mode parameters section I can find for each camera device a switch to enable or disable motion notification.
When I change from one mode to another the motion notification change according to the setting for each camera.

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Frankly I don’t understand why this is not included. Such a basic logical functionality. Now everytime I walk into my own garden I receive notifications on my phone. So unhandy!

Exactly this, easy and effective!

Couldn’t agree more. Frankly I wouldn’t have bought the system if I knew this wasn’t included. Such a design failure.

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In addition to this, the ability to create custom modes would be helpful. Or at least add a “sleep” mode, which realistically would be identical to away mode.

Also, have the app detect when I’m not home, either via geolocation or by detecting that my phone is not on the same wi-if network as my devices.

I feel like this must have been requested but I couldn’t find it. We have a multi-family vacation home. When no one is there, the alarm system is armed, and the cameras send notifications and have motion detection on (so it can record).

However lets say my brother’s family goes to visit for the week. When the alarm is disarmed, I have to go into the camera settings and turn off notifications. And when they leave and arm the system, I need to go back into the camera settings and turn notifications back on.

I can use modes - but I don’t want motion DETECTION turned off. For example I still want to know if someone came to the front door at 2am and record who it was, but I don’t need the NOTIFICATION. I only need the notifications if the system is armed. Currently it seems like I can only set motion DETECTION in the mode.

Please add motion sensor lights to the Modes so that they can be disabled/enabled along with the motion sensor cameras. I am bombarded with notifications from the floodlights because the Disarm mode only includes the cameras.

The Ring App needs to allow both Home and Away mode to be customized so that I can set each camera device’s 3 parameters separately. When I am “Away”, I want two of my cams to have Motion Detection and Live View. I want 5 of my cams to have Motion Detection, MOTION ALERTS and live view. I should not have to go into each device and enable “Motion Alerts” for the “Away” mode. Especially if I can already customize the “Away” mode with “Motion Detection” and “Live View”. WHY…WHY…WHY is the third parameter missing. Just does not make sense. As the app works today, when I select “AWAY”, all my cams go to “Motion Detection” and “Live View” per my configuration. I need to be able to get motion “ALERTS” from my indoor cams but not my outdoor cams. This is not possible without going into each cam, every time I am “AWAY” and configuring each device independently.

Conversely, I want to be able to customize the “Home” mode as well. Allowing each device to have individual parameter settings for “Motion Detection”, “Motion Alerts” and “Live View”. When I get back “Home”, I want to have my indoor cams set to “Motion Detection”, “Live View” and NO “Motion Alerts”. Not possible. Each time I return “Home”, I have to go in and individually configure each cam’s behavior. I have 4 locations that I bounce between. This is a really negative to the app.