Option to control alerts or notifications within Modes Settings

nobody wants to listen the costumers. Only for take the subscription money :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Has this been thought of yet I see it was back in 2020

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I’d like to be able to separate my notifcation settings on my dorbells and cameras via Mode Setting. For example, in Home Mode, it detects and records motion and people, but doesn’t notify me. In away it records and does notify me.

Just writing to echo all these other comments. Its Insanity that this feature isn’t available.
I have 9 cameras that i want recording at all times even if i don’t want alerts pointing my phone constantly.

+1. new to ring, would really like to see thisl

Hey all, long time Ring customer. I’ve found what I think is a big hole in “mode” options (home, away etc) for cams when primarily used as a security device for a large area. We recently bought a farm, and I have Ring cams everywhere now…all over the place. Under the modes options all I can do is set it to turn off motion detection…which I don’t want to do. Lots of kids, a couple of employees, and lots of contractors, I want them ALWAYS recording motion. What I don’t want is a barrage of notifications which all users of the system constantly get.

I would love an extra option under modes for cameras that says “Enable notifications” for each cam. That way I can turn all cams to notify when we are away, only perimeter cams to notify when we’re home, and none to notify when it’s disarmed but have them ALL record motion at all times.

I’m pretty shocked that this has still not been prioritised yet. I have just purchased a Ring Doorbell, after installing an indoor ring cam earlier this year - and came across this thread back then; months and months ago. Not only that, but the fact that this was requested in 2020.

As a UX Designer myself, the feature of being able to toggle Motion Alerts under the Mode Settings screen seems like a no brainer, and the fact that normal users are crying out for this should be more than enough weight to show product owners the value in it.

The journey would be ‘Mode Settings’ > User Selects Mode to Customise ie. ‘Home’ > User Selects Camera to Customise > 3 Options are presented ‘Motion Detection’, ‘Motion Notifications’ and ‘Live View’.

If it helps to speed up this feature being implemented, here’s a quick mock up.

That way you can be at home, without getting millions of notifications, but still be protected by having full motion recording as needed.

To the UX team at Ring, we all know that certain voices are heard more loudly at the decisions table than others when it comes to project road maps and feature planning - but if you can’t implement basic features that users actually need, there is no point trying to do even flashier things to appease the ‘how can we stand out from the others’ crowd. Best of luck :+1:

I simply want to have an option in the mode setting to leave motion recording on, but turn off motion alerts. Can this simple update be added in the next release?

For example, if I am in disarm mode, I could choose to have the motion recording stay on, but turn off alerts. Such a simple add!