Option to control alerts or notifications within Modes Settings

I like to record everything outside, but I don’t need alerts on all my devices when I am home. Currently modes lets you turn off motion recording and alerts, or turn on motion recording and alerts. Why not make that two separate switches. One for motion recording and one for alerts.

We have ring chimes, and multiple phones, ipads, the pc app, all going off all the time when we are home and outside. Being able to turn off the alerts for all our outside cameras, but still record while we are home would be exactly what is needed for multi device households.

Currently I have to mute all my devices alerts separately and its a real pain. Especially the chime. That takes multiple steps and menus to get to it to snooze that device.


yes please , this make so much sense!

I’d love this feature please.

This makes so much sense. I would love to be able to record motion, and not have to hear the chime or alerts, while I’m at home.

My only option to do this is to set 4 hour blocks of motion snooze. There has to be a setting to record activity, but snooze motion without having to go to each camera individually.

Did you have a fix on this issue? I am facing the same issue but no response from anyone and couldn’t find the topic troubleshooting in google.

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Please, add this feature to one of the next updates… This would make this solution more “perfect” and competetive! br

Why doesn’t anyone reply on this from ring since more than a year??

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It seems like this would be pretty straightforward to implement without cluttering up the app. Please make this happen ring!

@Caitlyn_Ring @Marley_Ring

This seems to be a component of other feature requests already posted about Modes, but couldn’t find it stand-alone. I’m simply looking for the ability to include Camera Motion Alerts as one of the settings controlled by Modes. It baffles me that it’s not. If I’m home/disarmed, I don’t need my cameras sending me alerts. If I’m away or home/armed, I do. Needing to separately switch those alerts off/on (or snooze them) makes no sense (and is error-prone, in that I need to remember to turn them on every time I arm my alarm). Did this get missed? Is there some logical reason I’m not understanding as to why that setting isn’t included in Modes?

For Home and Away (and I won’t mention here that there should be a Sleep mode) they should be able to set not only the motion and recording options but also alert options. You can go into each device’s settings and manually change Alerts so I don’t see why that isn’t an option in the Modes, instead of just the two options “motion” and “live view”, the options for motion and motion Alerts should be available. This would allow me to set the Hole mode to continue to record motion (so it’s in the history of I need to check something throughout the day) but disable Alerts so I don’t get excessive alerts throughout the day while at home.

Improve Mode Settings to support option of no motion alerts but recording to continue.

That is have an option say when you are at Home to have recording on motion detection but not send you alerts (like when you snooze) but continually continually records all motion as per normal. Sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed by some cameras and want to be disturbed by other cameras, and want the ability to select.

Doing this by Mode settings is convenient, as you can have when you are at Home Cameras 1,2 to always alert you with motion, but not with cameras 3,4,5,6 - but you still want the motion recording of camera 3,4,5,6.

Doorbells should always alert you however (or you could also make this an option…)

Thank you!

Second this. I want all my cameras to still record but don’t want the alerts. And I don’t want to have to hit snooze ever time.

Also, the added a simple version of geofencing but please make this automatic versus just a reminder.

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You could also just add an extended snooze option under modes. For example, when Home is selected snooze all motion alerts on selected cameras until mode is changed. Simple fix so I don’t know why the don’t add it. More control over modes is really what we want!

I’d like for my Home mode to still have the cameras record events, without sending my phone alerts, and the Away mode to record events AND give me alerts. Is there a way to set that up without having to manually change the alerts for each camera? Right now, the modes only give me the option to record or not record, but nothing about alerts. When I’m at home, I don’t need to be notified that the kids are playing in the front yard, but I do want to record events in case I need to review something that happened.

Please make it possible to choose to toggle motion notifications from cameras in the different modes.
I believe all your users would like to disable and reenable these features with the press of one “mode button”.

When home I still might want the cameras to record whats happening around the house but I do not want to constantly be disturbed by chime noise or have to re-snooze the system every 4hrs (which requires at least 3 clicks every time).

When away from home I just want to press the Away mode button and instantly get back to receiving motion notifications again.

Please add a toggle switch for motion notifications in “modes”, why this isn’t an option already is mind boggling…

+1 here. This separates Wyze from Ring, being the former much better.

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+1 for me also. I have both wired and battery cameras and annoyingly, the lights only come on at night when motion is detected in disarm mode on the wired camera so I have to use schedules instead.

Schedule functionality is missing with Modes. Motion detection should be able to be turned on, but alerts suppressed.


+1 for this feature.

Please add an option to enable/disable motion alerts (separate from motion recording) for each mode.

I want motion recorded but motion alerts suppressed while in mode disarmed.

I want motion recorded and motion alerts enabled in modes home and armed.



+1 for this!

Motion detection and Motion notification should be able to set separately in each mode.

In my case, I want to have my cameras record most of the time but i do not want to get the notifications all the time unless it’s ‘Away’ mode.

Each camera setting already has motion notification and motion detection separated. I wonder why it’s not separated in Modes.