Option to add basic answers

Speaker/microphone/connection is bad. When a postman is ringing the bell, both party often cant hear eachother. It would be great to have somesort of automatic ‘answering machine’ like ‘please leave the parcel at my neighbour’ or 'please, i do not want to join the Jehova-community , or i am in the bathroom, hold a minute,‘i’m comming’

Or just have a message, like there already is for some of the doorbells, to ask someone to leave a message. Why would you need it to be any more than a simple “answering machine” as you say?

Please leave parcel on the ground.
Please drop the parcel at my neighbours.
Please come back later time.
Please leave a message who you are and what is your question.

Something like that.

Apparently Ring listened, there is now a new option called Smart Responses - Quick Reply Messages like: “We cant answer the door right now” and a few other pre-recorded messages. Thank you Ring for listening my ring.

ps: a subscribtion is required for this feature.

It would be nice of custom recording is possible or at least also in other language like Dutch, French etc