Option for local area network monitoring

Today Ring experienced multiple system failures. As a result all my ring devices were unable to monitor motion or stream live view on Ring devices and my Iphone, iPad and Echo Show . A feature should be added to allow the user to choose local monitoring on their local network without having to rely on the Ring system which is external to the user on the wide area network. As far as I can tell the only reason to be connected to the Ring system network is for recording events and history. If this feature is not necessary then the option for local only would allow monitoring and live view without being dependent on the Ring network. At my home I have a Netgear Orbi Local Wifi network connected to my wifi router which gives me excellent coverage throughout my house and my router speed is 500/500 Mbps. One specific case in my application is an indoor camera that monitors my wife, who has Alzheimer’s, and is in bed most of the day. The camera in my bedroom monitors her activity such that if she tries to get up, I get a motion detection alert so I can go check on her so she doesn’t try get up without my help, even at night. BTW I have a bedrail on her side of the bed that prevents her from getting off the bed. This would be most helpful to have this feature so I wouldn’t be dependent on the Ring System network.