Option for Light Schedule to Override Manual Events

I have several Ring bulbs controlled by a Ring bridge. Most of these I use to turn bulbs on at night and off at dawn, allowing lights to stay on overnight w/o me having to manually turn them on and off in the morning.

I have found that if I manually turn on one of these scheduled bulbs using the app so it comes on earlier than the scheduled time, this manual on event will override the schedule and the light will NOT turn off at the next scheduled off time.

Example: I have a schedule to turn a lamp on at 11PM and off at dawn the next day. I decide to go to bed early and manually turn the light on at 10PM. The lamp will NOT turn off at dawn now because the manual on event overrides the schedule.

I would like to see an option in the app that lets the user choose if scheduled events can override manual events. Right now, manual events always override a scheduled event. The app does give you an option when manually turning on a scheduled device to leave it on 1, 5, or 15 minutes or leave it on until I turn off. This does not address my use case. If I want to manually turn on light and have it stay on until the next scheduled off event, I see no way of doing this short of manually editing the schedule anytime I want to turn on the light earlier than the normally scheduled time.

This would be a simple enable/disable setting to add in the app so when a schedule event occurs, the app can check to see if the schedule event has been enabled to override current manual state.

I think this would be a helpful addition to the scheduling and control functionality.

Thank you