Optimizing your Video Doorbell Pro's View and Angle


It is important that your Video Doorbell Pro is installed at a good angle where your camera is able to “see” the area you want to detect motion. The great thing about your device is that you can draw motion zones on any area visible in the camera view. Sometimes if the Sun is shining on the device or if the area is too dark it will have trouble noticing changes in your motion zones. This is why placing your device in a location where the camera has a clear and wide are in front of it is ideal.


Your device captures a 160-degree wide-angle picture of everything in front of it, this is the camera’s field-of-view. It ideally captures this from five feet up to around 20 feet from the fixture. The location where you install your device will determine your camera’s field-of-view and where you can draw your motion zones.

Thinking of the path someone will take to approach your device will help when considering the best field-of-view to capture. For example, if there is a major pathway to your door it is best to include this in the camera’s field of view. This way you will be able to draw a motion zone over it and be alerted when someone approaches your device.


Many doors receive a lot of direct sunlight, this can affect your device’s ability to notice changes because it is focused on an overly saturated area or light is “blinding” the camera. For example, if your device is focused directly on the opening of a porch, the outside area will appear to be completely white from the natural light flooding in. This will make it nearly impossible for your device to detect a change from someone approaching because all it sees is a blanket of light. Adjusting the angle of your device can help it to focus on the area better. It is always best to avoid having your Doorbell in direct sunlight when possible.


When installing a Doorbell Pro in the same location as your previous mechanical doorbell, it is possible that you may want to angle the Doorbell Pro towards a direction that you would like motion detection covered. Such angling can be done with Ring wedge kits. For example, if your device is under a porch with stairs leading up to it, you could angle it down to include some of the stairs, this will help the camera detect motion from people walking up to the door.


Having a hard time getting the right view for your Video Doorbell Pro? That could possibly be due to:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Brick Siding
  • Slanted Siding
  • Raised entrance with steps
  • Long porches

With one of these unique installation locations, a Wedge or Corner Kit may help. Click here to learn more at Ring Help about how Wedge kits work.

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