Opening ring box

Hello. We changed WiFi but cannot find the tool to open the ring back up so I can update the WiFi. Is there somewhere I can purchase this tool?

Hi @Bunkerfam5 ! Which device do you have? Are you looking for the orange screwdriver, or can you please confirm which tool? Thank you!

Hello. Here is my response, please see the attached pictures. We cannot find the orange device that came with the ring to open it. We need to reset the network as we have a new sign in. Not sure what to do if we cannot find it.

And yes it was an orange type screwdriver.

Hey @Bunkerfam5. Chiming in for Jennifer here! It looks like you have the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen, and you can find the spare parts for this here, that will include the security screwdriver you need. :slight_smile: