Open sensor notification

Hello, is this thing on???

Come on ring - this is a simple request; I really would hate to move to another platform. I came from Smart things which could do this, but I like the ring ecosystem for ease for my kids and wife. PLEASE add this functionality - I have a pool with a fence around it and if that fence is left open and something happens, I’m the one facing a lawsuit… this is required by code in my county, unfortunately I’ll be forced to switch from ring after just investing all this money into it.

This is a serious overlooked feature by Ring. This is an essential alarm notification. We have several doors around our home and with kids coming and going… doors are often left open. My prior system did this and it was great. If I was at work I could notify my family that someone left the sliding door or porch door open.

Isn’t this just a software update? Not sure why it’s excluded with so many people asking over last few years

Adding my request, again. Ring, you are disappointing many many users. Let’s get on with it, or give us a reason why not. One of the poorest responses to customers I have ever seen.

+1 on this. 3 years have passed and still not implemented? Please add this feature

I would like to be able to set a time delay setting for Door/Window sensor open or close status as per notifications for my system. When a Door/Window sensor stays in the open status for a specific time setting (say 30 seconds) before I get notified of the open status for that specific Door/Window sensor. I have had this on other systems I have had in the past and feel it is a great feature.

Ring Dev Team - is your head in the effing sand? This is such an obvious function and so widely requested for so long that I can only presume you are ignoring it at this point. WTF!

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Just yesterday, my kids left the back door opened, and when my ring security auto armed at night, it didn’t give me any notification that the door was left open, it just armed my house, ignoring the back door. I’ll definitely love to have this feature as well, at least to remind you that the door was opened for too long. I tried Alexa routines but it didn’t work, sadly.

Anyone know of another app that can integrate with ring to do this?

If you use Alexa, you can set up a two step routine:

When the [contact sensor] is OPEN


  1. Wait XX minutes
  2. Announce "[contact sensor] is open

You will receive a notification

Frontpoint Security has this feature. Would love to see this in Ring.

So this has been a heavily requested feature for 3 YEARS!? Other companies are doing it. Someone at Ring needs to write the 20 lines of code needed to add this feature. It sure makes me question their ability to serve their customers. I just setup my system and it was one of the first things I looked for. It sure seems like a door being left open is a security issue. Like others have said, we have pets and accidents happen at times with a door. I just want to know when it’s been left open. I’ll work on the Alexa work around.