Open sensor notification

Why is this a feature we have to request when it should have been included since day 1? Come on Ring! You can do this!

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My kid keeps leaving the door open after letting the dog out. This feature is needed now.

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I am blown away this feature doesn’t exist. @ringadmin please.

As a user, I want to be notified if a sensor is left open for more than a user-specified duration of time in minutes so that I can know to go close the freaking door.

This is such a useful feature that it’s hard to believe Ring doesn’t have it.

Would like to see the ability to get alerts for various configurable time based scenarios. Example could be door/window/garage doors open past a specified time or elapsed period.

The app can do more than just alert users on the occurance of an event. This would be useful to ensure homes remain secure.

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Oh no. I just ordered a ton of ring gear to replace my current system. This is my most used feature! Garage door left open, door left unlocked, garage still open at night, etc. might have to return the gear before I even open it!

seriously I just subscribed to the pro and got a bunch of gear! damn… this feature is what I need. I need a notification when a door is left open beyond a certain time. Wyze and many others have this.

This is critically important. I have a position sensor on my gate. It is intended to assist in preventing livestock from escaping.

I need to be able to trigger an alarm if gate is open for more than a minute or so. I see that many have asked for this already.

I agree with others here. During the day I don’t have the alarm set, but still need to know if a door was accidentally left open for extended period of time. Just need an alert that lets me know that the door has been left open X minutes or more, and also able to disable it in the case the door is left open while we have the storm door in place letting fresh air in.

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Voting on this… you could use the sensor contacts on freezer doors, refrigerator doors, anything you want a heads-up on if the contact is open more than minutes. This should be a no-brainer. You should also be able to choose if this just chirps on your phone app or if you want the base station to chirp at you as well.

Coming up on the 3 year anniversary of this simple request for a basic alarm system feature.

+1 this would be sooo useful. Please prioritise, dev team!

What’s the best alternative for a smart system that has this ability? Just installed ring to find its not very useful for me without this feature for kid/pet safety reasons

Obviously, Ring doesn’t give a crap about user feature requests.

This is a software update to enable this feature. We just switched to Ring from and this is 1 of 2 down sides. The notification when opened and closed is fine but the most common problem is a window or door just gets left open and it would be and is a nice feature to have to just let the homeowner know after x number of minutes that the sensor is open. The ability to adjust the minutes would be great also.

My wife has Alzheimer’s this is the ony reason for buying this system, then find out it wont alert me when she leaves to door open. Coding that can’t be hard!