Open sensor notification

Bump! This is sorely missing.


Completely agree this feature is a must.


This is such a simple feature and I don’t understand why it’s still not implemented. I’ve had Ring for more than 2 years and we finally got mode schedules. This is one of those basic features that should be easy to implement.

Also, admins, can you change the title of this request to, “sensor left open notification”?

This is what everyone is asking for.

What we’d like to have:
Inside the sensor settings, a tab for “left open”
Inside this tab, below settings:

  • how long should Ring wait till alerting that the sensor is left open (a range from 10 seconds to 24 hours)

  • how many times the notification/alert should sound/be sent (once/ 5 times / 10 times / unlimited -until sensor closed)

  • how frequently should the notification sound/be sent (a range between 5 seconds to an hour)

  • what type of notifications (push / email / chime)

  • what chime it should use if any (most people will want this to be different than sensor open)

Am I missing anything?


Is there any update on this? It’s an absolutely essential feature for many that is currently missing.


There’re 228 votes at the time of my post. Doesn’t this thread deserve at least a response from development team?

I agree with some people referring to I did rely on the feature in question back in days.


Still not able to do this.


I’m VERY surprised that ring doesn’t offer the feature:

"If {sensor} is open for {x minutes} … send notification."

Being able to customize x is important, and set a different on/off toggle and value for x for each device, since use cases vary by sensor.

There are numerous important, sometimes critical, use cases that have already been mentioned:

  • accidentally forgetting a door open (VERY common for garage doors)

  • forgetting a window open (falling risk for kids)

  • door blowing open if not latched fully

  • young kids or pets being able to get outside

  • risk of theft from garage door left open (not uncommon in daytime on streets with busy foot traffic)

  • freezer doors not latching properly (neat use case)

With the new outdoor sensor just released, this now applies to things like gates around swimming pools … scary! :skull_and_crossbones: (data)

Like many others, I don’t have my phone notify me EVERY time my front or garage doors open/close, but that doesn’t mean I am OK with them being left open by accident.

I love everything I’ve bought so far… except this.

For this 1 reason, I honestly can’t recommend ring alarm to friends & family with full confidence.


There needs to be an option to set a push alert when a sensor (door) is left open for X amount of time.


Would be best if any one or more notifications types could be selected. For my detached garage I would want all three just to make sure I got the message!

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A ‘Door open too long’ alert is a must. Surprised it hasn’t been developed yet considering the high demand. Kids keep leaving the doors ajar. It would be nice to know!


Ringfan42 … RE: your idea of using the Alexa routines, if you’re able to provide more detailed instructions on how you accomplished this, I think a lot of people here would find it useful. I couldn’t quite follow along with what you wrote.

So surprised this is not available. Am I investing in the wrong smart home alarm system?


This feature is a must especially with outdoor contact sensors now part of the ecosystem. From my understanding, this is not a complex notification and this can reside locally within the base station/app and the app can be triggered to notify the user. Definitely a must !!

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Also really in need of this feature.
Use case:
garage doors which are famous for not always opening and closing
Bought the system never doubting this feature is included. Can’t believe it isn’t.
Such an important feature that only needs a bit of programming.
Please implement this feature (also for the outdoor sensor)

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How is this not already a thing? It’s really hard to believe that not only did someone have to request this (and thank you, whoever you are), but that almost 1.5 years have gone by and this still isn’t implemented either in Ring or in Alexa. This needs to be implemented!

So confused. This is a standard feature in ALL security alarm systems that have home automation. Digital Life. ADT. Brinks Home. Vivint. Front Point. The list goes on. We are all so very confused.

Crazy this is not implemented. I am going to start looking for a different solution and switch to a new company. This is standard on most others I have looked at.

This should have been implemented so long ago, wouldn’t even be a hard thing to write the code for. What is Ring waiting for?? I spent over $400 for the base station, sensor for doors and windows, motion detectors, front doorbell camera, doorbell sensor, extra camera inside, and an echo show. This should be a basic feature. Guess I should have done my homework prior. So disappointing that I can only have this feature on or off. Annoying when always on and not secure when off! Please Ring, come up with a solution for this.

First question: Why is this not a standard feature?
Second question: With so many people asking for this, why has this not been added to a simple software update?
Third question: Why doesn’t anyone at Ring even address this thread with some explanation? It is like Ring is just ignoring all of us…I’m confused!

Ring we are all looking for a response please!!!

:wave: hello, Ring people, anyone there to address this and update the ring to be able to chirp or alert when door or window is left open for a certain period of time?!

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