Open sensor notification

Is any progress being made on this? Need this ASAP!

Another comment to bump this up.

Like users in other threads, I came to ring from xfinity home which has this functionality.
The phone alert when a door is opened or closed is nearly useless, however an alert when a door has been opened for 5 min then closed very useful.
Please develop this, it seems pretty simple to include in the app. you already have notification when opened/closed just include the time delay as another toggle button.

Same here - I came from Xfinity and found Ring to be a much better product and value overall, given it integrates my existing Ring doorbells and spotlight.

However, the door left open functionality is a must-have. Right now I would have to poll the app periodically to see if anything has been left open.

I guess I can build it if you have APIs. :smiley:

Yes please!!!

Just another +1. This would be a super useful feature!

I can’t believe it can’t do this, I would trade any existing feature for this one.

This is not exactly a work-around but…

I’ve created routines via Alexa to alert when the doors are open and to repeat every 5 minutes if they stay open.

Only problem is I haven’t found a way to suppress the initial alert from Alexa – so I just have my Echo Show give a voice alert, i.e. “back door is open” whenever a door is open and repeat every 5 minutes if it stays open. Plus it’s good to know which door is opening instead of the generic beep.

There must be a more clever way to do this.

How did you accomplish the check every 5 minutes in the routine? I hadn’t figured out how to do that.

Could you just start the routine with a Wait command for 5 minutes?

I would like to see this feature too. Very useful to many!!

Hey, how did you get that to work with the Alexa routines? I couldn’t figure out the repetition and delay part. Thank you!

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I need a contact sensor on my bottom pull out freezer and get an alert if it is open more than X mins. It is super easy for something to drop down in the back and it doesn’t close all the way and the kids don’t notice it.

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Please implement this ASAP as its a major feature currently missing.

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Another vote for this feature.

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Just switched from a professional system with This is such a big deal I’m considering sending my entire ring kit back (along with all the sensors, motion detectors, etc.)

My previous system sent me a text message and a push notification if certain sensors were left open beyond 10 mins (eg. back door). or if a certain sensor was left open after a time, eg. garage door left open after 10pm. Very useful with kids running in and out all day.

I’m sure this will be rolled out in months or years, but unfortunately the cost savings from moving to ring aren’t worth it.

Agreed. Can even be an alexa skill to announce or text if left open past a time or left open too long.