Open Door Arming for Multiple Doors

Great to see that at last we have Open Door Arming! Fantastic news, and probably the one feature I feel Ring has been really missing for years now.

However… why is it limited to only one door? I use my front door and my utility door about 50/50 each, depending on if I want to go out the front or out to the drive. Can I not have them both set up with Open Door Arming so I get to take advantage of this feature all of the time?

Nearly got it absolutely spot on, Ring. You can get this over the line.

Absolutely agree. I’ve only just installed the Ring system and I cannot believe I cannot use the keypad to arm my system and exit though any of my ‘Main Door’ placements during the delay period regardless of whether they were open or not at the time that I enabled the alarm.

It might not seem much but when you are bundling a young family out of the house (invariably running late), having to run back and forth closing and opening doors is a real pain.

Please add this feature Ring team, you are so close :+1: