Only 6M plug in adapter

I think it’s stupid that the only length available for a plug in adaptor is 6 meters, did they even consider the fact that UK homes have long hallways before you can get to any plug? (Most - aka those built 70 years ago.)

I looked at a different post that was talking about the same thing, Ring replied that they will pass this suggestion on to a department and consider the idea of making different lengths.
That post was made in 2019! Yet still no longer cable.

Also, the person was also told that using a plug in adaptor from any other company would void their warranty! Absolute joke.

Focus on actually improving your products and answering customer complaints:
make a longer cable as has been requested by many for many years instead of being Apple and releasing the same thing every few years with a new name and massive price tag. :upside_down_face:

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