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Can the web site be made easier for members to access camera footages like the app- it’s ridiculous that we can view live footage from the computer. Moving the activity away from the bottom to the side or top of the screen, can be a start


Good question @ronron! If your computer is compatible with the Ring app, you can actually download the Windows or OSX version of the Ring app. Logging into your account on a web browser will provide access to video recordings and account information, where as the live communication and use of your Ring device features, such as live view, will require the Ring app to be used. Visit the app store on your computer to obtain the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This information should be available you all Ring customers/consumers. especially the ones paying ring for this type of service.:cry::confounded:


@ronron Thank you so much for your feedback on this! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you so we can work on making information as clear, accessible, and transparent as we can. When it comes to the website itself, we have gotten a lot of feedback on the functionality and ease of use not being too present on the website. We are currently working with our teams and passing on information to them that we’ve gotten as feedback from neighbors like yourself.

We hope to implement changes to the website to make it easier to view your history in the future, so stay tuned for that! I’m not sure the ETA on when we will get this out, but know that it’s in the works, as we are aware that the website does have restricted viewing in comparison to the Ring app. Thank you neighbor! :slight_smile:

I totally agre with @ronron.
The access to view the histroy should be available easily via the website as it is via the APP as this is a service we pay for.
I cannot understand why RING has not been able to fix this asap. It’s a very simple fix !!.

I use my laptop frequently in my office & want to view my history via my laptop, I should be able to do this in a user friendly way & easy way.


I am attaching an image (ring.jpg) which shows how bad the interface is to view history via your website.
As you can see, if I want to view past history it is very difficut to see & scroll to.

Also I cannot remove the cookies preference box either and

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What app store are you refering to? There is no app store on my windows 10 PC

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I can’t view live view on my iMac computer using Safari, which is the native browser for Apple. I won’t install Google because of privacy concerns.

Hey neighbors. It looks like this post here has some information that can help with Live View concerns on