One Icon that Displays Recent Alarms in Descending Time Order

Is there a place to see most current devices that were triggered/alarms, a history in descending date/time order. The current method of pulling up each motion sensor, contact sensor, camera is cumbersome. I want to see something like …

Contact Sensor5 Closed 9/2/23 9:04pm
Contact Sensor5 Open 9/2/23 9:03 am
Motion Sensor1 9/1/23 11:05 pm
Contact Sensor2 Open 9/1/23 8:20 pm
Camera5 Triggered 8/28/23 7:25 am

Hi @Scott80. You do not need to view the history for each individual device separately. You can tap on the menu in the top left of the Ring app and select History to view a list of events from your devices. There will be a drop down menu to select between Alarm, Cameras, Smart Lighting, etc. I hope that helps!