One dim light on a floodlight camera

Hello everyone
I am having an extremely frustrating time and experience with Ring at the moment
Chat bot is pathetic and there are no email addresses available either
I am currently travelling around India whilst back in the UK my security camera light has 1 bulb permanantly illuminated but dimmed
I have gone throught all the fault finding process but as yet no joy
I made a call to Ring whilst here and again that proved fruitless yet expensive
Because it was costing me unecessary electricity cost I had a friend disconnect it.
Today however he thought he would reconnect it to see if there was any change
He rang me using Whatsapp because the camera wouldnt reconnect to the Wifi
I have a Ring doorbell as well that is working perfectly fine on the Wifi that has not been changed
He is a shared user but still unable to conduct some of the processes required to get this camera back on line and up and running again
We went through the possible fault processes twice and the camera will still not connect to the wifi
I am unable to contact Ring which is disgraceful and unacceptable so I am open to any ideas out there
The camera is about 18 months old

Hi @Cookieboy61. There isn’t much troubleshooting that can be done when you aren’t actually with the Floodlight Cam. Shared Users do not have access to device settings, so they would not be able to reconnect the Camera to wifi. I’d recommend waiting until you are physically with the device to call and troubleshoot it.

Our support team will likely recommend checking the wiring and then resetting the Camera to see if that resolves the issue with the light bulb. If the issue isn’t resolved after our support team completes all applicable troubleshooting, they’ll review your device’s warranty to determine the best resolution.