One Button two doors 3 wires TCS ISH3130

have a TCS ISH3130 and one main door and one door for my floor, both open by pressing one Button.
The wiring is so that it will trigger the second door on the Wire P.
Will there be a solution soon to support a three wire connection?
Would it be possible to install two ring intercoms on the same intercom in the house or would they interfere?
Or has anyone already tried a two ring setup I don’t want to destroy a ring device.

Thank you for your help.
BR osmos

Hi @osmos . Welcome to the Ring Community!
We’d be happy to take a closer look at this with you. Please send us a picture of the wiring and another picture of the case of your current intercom. Our team will then be able to investigate this further. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Hello @Enzo_Ring;
Same here, I have a TCS ISW5010-0145 TASTA Audio.
I have 2 lobby panels.
When one rings on one of the panels, I can open both doors with one button.
After I installed ring intercom, I can speak via app with the visitor on the first panel at the front door and I can open the door. I can NOT speak with the visitor on the second lobby panel, I can open the second door, though.
So I can let in the visitor through the first door, but I do not know when he is on the second door and I have to open.

I also have a 3-wire solution with Wire a/b/P as @osmos has, as it is the only way to operate 2 lobby panels by TCS.

I hope a solution by firmware update and/or wireing is posible for solving this issue.
Here is the manual for my TCS Intercom: ISW5010-0145
Here is some more information about wireing: Serie TASTA