One button motion detection disable

I would like to see one button in the Ring app that would turn OFF all motion detection on all my devices. I need this when cutting the lawn, etc. The button would be a toggle that allowed you to turn in ON as well.

You have this capability under modes. I have mine disable when the landscape team shows up. I use home mode. The only one that stays active is the doorbell. Once they are gone, it’s back to away which activities all other cameras. You can change which cameras and features you’d like active under the modes.

Hope this helps.

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In the upper-right corner of the dashboard screen within the Ring app there’s a button that allows you to snooze motion alerts on all devices at once.

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Hi @hilbe49. As @RingyDingDing and @pdeethardt mentioned, you have the capability to either disable the motion detection on your devices via the Modes feature or to temporarily mute notifications from motion detection on your devices via the Motion Snooze feature. I’ve moved your post over to our General Questions board, as it is a feature that already exists. :slight_smile: