One account for two set ups?

Hello. We have a business with two buildings right next door to one another. However, signal isn’t strong enough to operate on one system, so we purchased two systems, one for each building. For billing and account management purposes, it would be nice to have them both on one account, but I don’t see how to do this. Is there a way, or at least some way to connect the two?


Hey @sconeage. You can merge these together, but you will need to remove whichever devices are set up on the other account and then set up them up on the other Ring account. This will be a set up similar to the first time, and then you will have two Locations in the Ring app, but one account that is it all under. If you need some more help with walking through this, please let me know what kind of devices are set up on both account, and I can make recommendations on the best way to move one over to the other! :slight_smile:

Thanks! We only set up one account so far, so it sounds like we can just add all of the equipment on one. We will get everything installed and if we run into any bugs I will let you know.

Thanks again for your help!

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