OLD BUG! Spotlight Cams battery labels are labeled backwards in both the app and web interface

OLD BUG! (still not fixed) The labels for the two batteries for the Spotlight Cameras are labeled backwards in both the app and the web interface. This is an OLD BUG which I have been reporting for more than a year or two. Simple programming fix for Ring software engineers, litterly about five minutes max, yet they still have not fixed it. Today they are still backwards. UGH!

See two images below.

Hi @GoBananas. Just to clarify, is this in regards to how the batteries were labeled 1 and 2? Or are you saying the left battery slot in your camera is showing up as the right battery slot in your Ring app?

The web and app is saying the left battery slot is the right battery slot and vice versa. This has been the case for some time. When the app changed to “1” and “2” that was simply a very bad idea.

Hi @GoBananas. I’m happy to chime in. If you were standing under your Camera and facing what your Camera is looking at, your left is going to be where the left battery slot is, and your right will be the right battery slot. Is this not the case for you? If you take out the battery from the left, and when the Camera updates, is it saying your right battery was removed?

Not a logical response. When you are changing the batteries, you are typically on a ladder facing the camera. In fact that’s how they used to be labeled, based on facing the camera. At one point they were labeled 1 and 2, which also was not logical. And at one point they were label one way in the app and the oposite way in the web interface. It does not take much of a focus group study to figure this out. Thanks for reading.