Number of chime tones?

Why is there just One ring tone?

Surely there should be an option to set 1-3 chimes.

That’s strange, there’s about 25 on mine. Most are rubbish like bats, witch, creeking door but there are a few. You can set 1 for chime and 1 for motion. I found with all the gadgets around that setting it to anything other than a doorbell noise, it more or less got lost.
From opening app, I’m clicking the 3 lines top left, then devices, then my chime then audio settings.
It says it needs to download each if you save it but just click the OK after a few seconds and should be done.
Ps. The test sound only works first time through the chime, the others come out your phone until its saved.

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I wasn’t clear. The chime sounds ONCE. There should be an option to chime 1-3 times. Useful in noisy busy homes.

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Ahh right sorry lol.
Would sound an easy option to add, but no doubt they won’t.

Ps. This constant logging in to answer is doing my head in.