Now that you are discontinuing Desktop App

Can I get refund for my Ring Doorbell? I use my desktop app exclusively. After buying a new doorbell and transformer to get this to work, I now have to buy a new iPhone with more disk space to load your app so I can see who is at my door? This is just not worth it.

Until they get their website to be feature equivalent to the app, you can purchase a cheap Amazon Echo to display when someone comes to the door. It’s what we do as we don’t keep a computer in easy reach nor carry my cell phone around to see who comes to the door.

There is a much longer delay with the Echo than with PC notifications and Live View.

Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback on the desktop app, I’ll be sure to pass it along to my team. In the meantime, you can access the Live View on the iOS or Android Ring App on a mobile device as well as on You can check out our Help Center Article on Live View here, which goes over how to use it on the Ring website as well if you’d prefer to use that rather than the mobile app. As other neighbors have also mentioned, you can integrate Ring with Alexa for more functionality as well. You can find all of our Help Center content on the Ring and Alexa integration here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

loosing the desktop app is unacceptable…first i don’t not have a cell phone any longer…and i cannot afford to replace it…second i do not have regular access to an ipad or similar device…and i cannot afford to buy one…my eyesight makes me ‘handicapped’ and i need the larger screen a computer can provide…i need to ‘save’ the video i download as well…i need the larger screen

you don’t have to update the desktop app just keep it functional…

if you are determined to rid yourselves of the desktop app… please advise how i might return my ring products to you and get a refund on the subscription plan…i simply cannot accommodate the draconian measures you are implementing…some of us cannot afford cell phones and similar devices esp due to the current economic status the covid pandemic has caused.

please advise quickly so i can proceed to investigate other camera/doorbell options and plans from other companies.

thank you.

I request the same as you. In addition I hope the following statement may help others.

I appears that after trying to contact Ring about them cutting off our service in October 2021 and getting no response whatsoever, I will be looking to replace these entirely too expensive camera’s with ones that I can hopefully control. Not ones that are controlled by Ring only. They have just ripped off everyone that owns one of their devices. For the price they should come with a remote control to use them. If you don’t use a smartphone on their controlled browsers you threw your money away! RUN DON’T WALK AWAY FROM RING! They have finally proved they are crooked as can be. I feel as if I just had the money I spent on their products stole from me like a thief in the night. They haven’t responded to me or anyone to my knowledge about their deceptive business practices. Learned an expensive lesson unfortunately for me. AGAIN RUN DON’T WALK FROM RING!

You make it sound like no problems at all, just do this. Not the case. You have made edge and chrome browsers the only ones that we can access live view from. I use firefox and it won’t happen on it. You people have effectively stole my money for camera’s I paid too much for to operate at first on firefox and then not. No smart phone no ring service I suppose is where we’re headed with Ring. Will be putting the Ring floodlight camera’s (4 of them) on Facebook Market Place in October when you steal my service. Won’t need the account then either (109.00 a year).