Notifications within linked devices

I have 4 devices on my property; two battery-operated ones, one watching the front of the property, one watching the rear. I have two wired devices; a doorbell covering the front, and a floodlight guarding the rear. I have linked the wireless devices with the corresponding wired device. However, I have Alexa set up to notify of movement on the wired devices, as they both cover actual entrances, and when a linked device starts a recording from the wired devices, no notification is then set. Therefore, someone comes up my driveway (battery device), and steps onto my patio (wired device). Since a recording was already started by the driveway cam on the doorbell, I do not get a notification either from the Ring app, nor from Alexa that movement was detected at the “Front Door.” Can this be rectified? Possibly a setting to allow or disallow notifications from linked device?