Notifications with security system when in "x"

I was advised by a security technician to use your retrofit to update my existing 30 year old security system that is wired to all windows and door. It works pretty good and I am very happy with the Ring camera’s and security system. I do see some room for improvement, however.

I would like to be able to disable push notifications for entry doors when at home and the system is in the “X” selection of the app or wall mounted key pad. Often when I am home, I go in and out of doors frequently and could have the potential for 25+ in and out push notices in one day. This is distracting and a waste of time attending to notifications that are of no value to me. I foresee using the “Home” choice on the app or keypad for entry door push notifications.

I also have found that there is an untimely delay between a doorbell ring and the push notification that I receive on my mobile phone. The visitor is usually gone by the time I receive the notice. I realize that the many variables involved with signal transmission make this difficult. Please suggest what selections I can make to speed up the notice.


  1. Disable entry door push notification when the security system is in the “x” mode.

  2. Speed up doorbell to mobile phone notification.