Notifications of when any RING equipment goes offline or no internet connection is available

I have AT&T 50mbps internet and the reliabilitiy of a fast good connection is not probable. My RING cameras show no connection but I never know this until I try to view “live view” on my cameras.


Why isn’t this already a thing?

Indeed there should be a big red bar on the timeline when the Internet connection is not present

Today our Internet connection was down for a short time and when I went to review the camera I thought I should have motion on there and I did not because I knew it was down but I don’t know known this it could be a big problem when it detects motion but there is no Internet connection

Hey Ring Execs,

Go hire Nest developers to help you with this. Nest has been able to notify you when a camera is down since they were Dropcam. Seriously considering changing to the Nest Hello and replacing all my Echo shows with Google Nest Hubs.

I have to keep my Nest cameras facing the front door because i can’t trust the Ring equipment. Sad.

Very Annoyed seeing my Ring Doorbell down for another day without me knowing.