Notifications- Chimes Alerts

Well, I seriously just wanted too say I think it is freaking about time for @Ring too really updates their notifications sounds… cause everybody don’t only just have a front door- (“motion at front door”) honey I have 3 doors- front, side, and back so I would definitely likes for my motion detector too let me know which door had caught some freaking action though!? :woman_shrugging:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:

Name your devices appropriately in the Ring app and you’ll be notified with the name of the device.

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Ok, well honey how do I fixes that situation then… cause when I goes too the freaking @Ring app it shows me all my camers and I have them listed as “front door” & “side door” & “back door” along with “living room” & each of “my kids” room but when I get ready too set their notifications for the chimes alerts though I have only noticed- motion at front door that I actually only likes though?! :joy::woman_facepalming:t5:

Here’s a couple articles that might help.
How to Enable Notifications on a Mobile Device – Ring Help
Understanding alerts for ring and motion events – Ring Help

Good luck!


Ok, and thank you very much… I really appreciates your help! :hugs::heart_eyes:

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