Notification when solar panel is disconnected

I’d like to request that Ring be able to notify me when my solar panels disconnect from my cameras. I’ve had this happen a few times and I wasn’t aware until I got the charge battery notification. It would be really helpful to get the notification when the panel actually disconnects so I can reconnect it before it dies. I think this is also an important security feature because disconnecting a solar panel could be an inconspicuous way for an intruder to disable security cameras if they are planning ahead. It may just be a coincidence, but the last time my solar panel got disconnected my home was broken into a few days later.

This is a good idea, but instead of yet another notification (SMS/email) I’d like to see it as an indicator (red icon of some sort) in the app and website to take a look. I look at one or the other at least once a day so once seen could take action.
Of course this could be extended to basically anything that happens to a device. Power loss, WiFi loss, online status loss, etc.