Notification text change suggestion

Just got two notifications on my phone and Apple Watch. One was for “person at front door” and the other for “someone at front door”. Both just made a generic ding sound through my watch. Would be great if support for different sounds were possible, like it already is on the iPhone.

Next suggestion, the notifications LOOK too similar. Even down to the wording: at a glance at a small screen like an Apple Watch, it’s difficult to differentiate between “person is at front door” (which is the smart motion detection) and “someone is at front door” (which is the doorbell button version).

Yes there is a little bell emoji. Still hard to see and I’d like it if the wording of each notification were very different, maybe even add “DOORBELL” in all caps. Make it easy at a glance to see it so I don’t have to fumble for my phone and risk the person walking away after it takes too long.

(Yes a chime has been ordered and it will help)


What do you mean Ring does not support smartphones? I’m using one right now!